If you are an aspiring writer and love to write on health and fitness niche then here is a great opportunity for you to polish your skills. We welcome writers to write for us: Health and fitness and get their articles published on our website.

We would love to publish your work if it is properly written, well-executed, and is also optimized with SEO in mind.

Interest ones can mail us their documents on [email protected] and we will try to publish them to help create awareness with our clients.

Frequently asked questions about “Guest Posting”

What exactly is, write for us: health and fitness opportunity?

It is all about guest posts. Yes, we will take your articles and publish them on our website. This will help you get traffic on your website and also will give visibility to your name and work.

Can the post submit to us eligible for resubmission?

No, once you have submitted the work to us we get the ownership of the same and you just cannot publish it anywhere else on the internet. If found we can penalize you for the same.

Is there a set limit for the word count of the article?

Yes, the longer it is the better it will look. Keep in mind that your article is at least 1000 words long.

Is there a need for doing keyword research?

Yes, we highly appreciate the articles that have been written keeping keywords in mind. If still you think that the keywords are getting stuffed just take a break and submit it.

What is the next step after submitting the post?

Once you have submitted your article we will be providing you the link for the same. You have to be active in comments and social media for the same.