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I’m curious where you guys are from? And how is everything going in your country/city? Are you still in lockdown or roaming free? 🥰

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  1. Belgium! Second wave is starting, so I think we’ll be in quarantine again if the virus keeps spreading as fast as it does now 😞

  2. Alabama, USA ❣️ Cases keep rising 😭 praying people continue to wear their masks and only go out when needed because it is continuing to spread rapidly here!

  3. Cape Town, South Africa! 🌼🌊🌤Lockdown is pretty flexible and of course, we have curfew but we’re spiking🤯 Not everyone’s taking this pandemic seriously 😒

  4. I’m from Sydney but feel for Melbourne having a second wave I wish there’s a magic wand to make this nightmare disappear worldwide 💯💯💕🙌

  5. Hi from NZ 🙌🏻 We are out of any lockdown now and covid free in our communities but some cases from overseas people who are all in managed isolation.

  6. Sweden 🇸🇪 We didn’t have any lockdown. I have lived my life like normal, before Corona. I’m sure we’ve had much more deaths here in Sweden because of that, but we probobly won’t get hit as hard a second time like countrys that have had lockdowns.

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