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PHOTO WARNING – This morning Kangaroo Island experienced an unprecedented blaze. (Pic 2) Over a third of the island is protected land to ensure the safety of some of Australia’s most incredible and unique species of wildlife. Last night, a bush fire ravaged over 30% of the 4,400 km2 island, killing humans and much of the wildlife in the process. We simply don’t have enough resources needed to deal with these bush fires. Communities across the country are now stranded without food, water or homes, taking the beaches as the only safe haven from the flames. Today the Fire Service is predicting the worst day so far. The fires are behaving in an unprecedented manner – running 30 kilometres at night and GENERATING THEIR OWN LIGHTNING. This is why we need your help. Here’s where you can donate to those in need:
To help with the relief and recovery efforts made possible by the @redcrossau
To help wildlife victims from the fires, donate to WIRES:
The @salvosau are assisting with medium and long-term disaster relief, support them here:
Donate to the @foodbankaus to help provide food to those in need:
To help the @nswrfs you can donate here:
Help the Country Fire Association of Victoria here:
To donate to the South Australian Country Fire Service here:

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  1. For fuxk sakes 😓😥😰🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ This is why we can’t have nice things Karen!!!!!!

  2. I’m gonna cry I wish I had money to donate but the truth is my family can barely pay their bills but I wish I could make a difference and help😔

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