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What do we think is the best option? ? Buy a run down property and renovate OR pay a bit more and find a perfect home OR build from scratch? ? I’m interested to know if anyone has experience? ?

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  1. We built our first home and although it’s lovely and I’m so in love with all our special features it is quite a painful and long process when things are not always in your control. My partner is a builder (he didn’t do our house) and works mostly on Reno’s for his work and he has said we will only be renovating on our next home/s. You spend around the same money building compared to Reno’s depending also on taste and functionality of the already done house. Just pick wisely and do inspections well on already built homes. But enjoy the process it is fun picking out finishes ? hope that helps

  2. Depends where you live! London it’s impossible to build from scratch because there is no land but loads of rundown houses? but Australia has lots of land and few rundown houses ❤️

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