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Woman Marries Love of Her Life Just One Day Before He Leaved The World At An Early Age of 22 – Video

Today I am narrating to you one of the saddest stories that I have come across in my life for the first time. This story is about a rugby player who was diagnosed with brain issues just a few months ago and his condition was quick deteriorating.

It so happened that Navar, who is the player that I mentioned above was being married to his lady love who knew that he could collapse any time that moment and leave for the heavens on that fateful day of their marriage.

He belongs to a town called Otorohonga, New Zealand. And he is 22 years of age. The video of his marriage was made public in order to raise funds so that his body could be flown to his native place after his departure from life.

His lady love and afterwards his wife wrote that that day her heart was filled with heaviness and sad, she had lost her best friend and her husband and the father of her son.

She felt absolutely showered with love and blessings from her friends and her family, and that it was a hard time for her, however she did find strength and refuge in everybody’s support. It was the beginning of Navar’s journey to KoptahitangaMarae, where he had wished to be laid down in peace to rest. He had impacted so many people far and near and he will be in our memories and have a special place in our hearts.

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