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Restaurant Owner Gives Homeless Man Job 24 Hours Later She Walks In And Is Stopped In Her Tracks – Video

Though this issue needs to be fixed up and many people want to fix it, homelessness remains a big problem in the US, more so when you consider that, according to the UD department of veteran’s affairs, 23 % of the homeless population are veterans who have risked their lives serving in the armed forces.

George is just one of the thousands of veterans who came home from the battle only to struggle to get thereafter.

George stood at the corner of the street holding a cardboard card in his hands and hoped for someone sympathetic to take notice of him and his cause.

He was not asking for hand outs or he was not begging for money. All that he was asking for was a means to sustain himself. A job that could put him back on his track of life. He had a bundle of his resumes which he was happy to hand over to who ever was in need of a hard-working employee. One fine day a lady was driving past George and stopped by just to read the board and start a conversation with the man.

She was so much impressed by the motivation and ambition of George that the very second day she posted the man’s profile on her social media and asked people to help him. She assured George that they will get him a job. To his surprise he got a phone call just hours after the post on the social media and help was on its way.

And according to the reports he reported early for his first day on duty, much earlier than his manager. This attitude of George surprised his employer who just stopped in her tracks and was stunned. She was very much impressed by the dedication that was shown by him towards his job and was glad to take him up as her employee.

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