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Outfit Ideas For 21st Birthday For Girls

Attending a birthday party, whether it’s your own or someone else’s is certainly a very exciting feeling, and if you are a teenager then it becomes the more exciting. So today in my write up we will discuss the various options for dressing up for a birthday party for the evening. These different options are for the young girls and are very exciting to try on.

Here is the very first among the outfits for the birthday party. This is a short black dress that is skin fit. The dress is a shoulder less affair. It starts from the cups in the front and is tapered towards the waist of the wearer. There is a large cutout from the side of the waist. The waist is hip hugging at the hips and is tapered towards the knees. At the knees the dress is designed in such a way that one of the legs is bare from the thighs up to the knees and is held in place by a strip of fabric from the dress. The dress is complemented by a p[air of high heels in red color.

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This outfit is a combination of denim jean and net robe. The denim jeans is a shredded jean with tight fit and a low waist. It is ankle length and has a very heavy shredding at the knees and the thighs. The upper garment consists of a net camisole with shoulder straps as a lower paert and over it is a robe with front open and is made of net fabric, the robe is a full sleeved affair with flared sleeves.

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This outfit is also a combo of shorts and a dress that resembles a dressing gown. The shorts are worn under the gown and is of black color. The fabric of the gown is bold red and black checks. As a dressing gown is the front of the robe is button less. It is tied in the front of the gown with the help of a loose belt that is made of the self fabric. The robe is a full sleeved dress and the sleeves are folded towards the elbow. The robe is well complemented with a pair of high boots that go well with the robe. The shoes are knee high and have a very high heel.

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This one is a very cute combo that consists of a camisole a short and a pair of very long boots. The upper camisole is with straps at the shoulder and is very skin fitting at the waist and the upper body. The cups are very prominent due to the embroidery embellishment on them. The shorts are mini shorts in black denim with the upper part resembling a five pocket jeans. The boots are a pair of long boots that go up to the thighs of the girl and are scarlet red in color. The heels are very high heels and the outfit is complemented by a shoulder swung leather purse in blue color.

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The next outfit is a combination of a black top with a pair of cargo pants. The top is a round neck tight fitting top. The sleeves of the top are full and are also tight in nature. The lower is a cargo pant with several flap pockets and bag pockets. It is made up of the camouflage print that is used for the armed forces of the country. This is a very tough looking outfit and can be worn by girls who are a bit or more stout build in body stature. The outfit goes well with a pair of sandals.

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