Monkey Adopts A Puppy, Protects It From Stray Dogs, And Lets It Eat First – Video

There have been many instances in our lives where we as human beings have avoided to help a fellow human just so that we do not want any interference by anyone in our lives.

We have opted to give him some help rather than to adopt him or take him home to give him shelter. We never accept someone in our lives very easily even if he is one of our kind and just one person who belong to our community.

We try to shake off from the responsibility of taking care of him or providing him some sort of shelter so that the person can feel safe and secure.

Some of us would turn their heads if they saw someone begging from them for some help or some food.

Not only individuals there are instances when big nations have refused to accept refugees from a natural calamity or a conflict torn country to enter their country for refuge and shelter. Here I have come with a story that will prove like an eye opener for such type of humans who refuse help and shelter to their counter parts in this world.