This Stepmom’s Photo Captures How Beautiful Co-Parenting Can Be – Video

if we just assume that the words step father and step mother are just words for the name sake only then how easy it would become to co-parent in the child’s bringing up and build a better future of him full of love and affection.

A family in Georgia has made a statement that co-parenting is a testament to how two loving parents can make it work for their child.

In the recent times they have posted a family photo of theirs in which the kids are also shown and it captures the true spirit of what co-parenting should be all about.

Here the mother is the step mother to the 4 year old daughter who is posing in the photograph in the center of both the parents.  She says that because of them she will never believe that co-parenting can never work in such families.

She knows that through experience it can work, and it is for the parents to choose what is best for their child and the rest will automatically fall into place. It is very refreshing to watch all the family members to be dressed up in the matching jeans and jersies and it gives the impression of a single united family.