Lifeguards Started Confiscating Parents Phones On The Beach To Make Them Pay Attention To Their Children – Video

Many a times in our lives we have seen that man has done inventions to make the life more easier for us to live. Many gadgets have been invented or developed by great scientists to make our lives more comfortable from the past.

They could be automobile, television, refrigerator, microwave, oven, bikes, machines in agriculture, robots, music systems, telephones, etc and many more.

Today we are going to talk about the mobile cell phone and its uses to the mankind.

We will discuss whether it is a boon or a bane in a man’s life. Take the instance of a guy driving his car and at the same time he is talking on his mobile phone, how risky it is for him and his family in the car.

The man is completely focusing on the phone and is ignoring all the sign boards along the road for his safety and also he is ignoring the oncoming traffic from the opposite direction plus he is not aware if some vehicle is trying to overtake him from behind and is blaring the horn for quite some time to give him space to overtake.

He is surely heading for a major unfortunate incident and io9s surely going to jeopardize his and his family’s life.

A similar thing has been noticed by the life guards at the beaches in the country. They have started collecting the mobile phones from the parents who bring their kids to the beach for a picnic and enjoyment. They have got a very valid reason for that.

Whenever the lids are in the waters their parents keep an eye on them to avoid any unfortunate incident of drowning, whereas the parents are being noticed to be busy 9ion their mobiles all the time instead of keeping a watch on their kids’ activities. This could prove to be very risky as the life guards are not able to keep an eye on every kid in their vicinity.