Guy Travels 2,400km To Surprise Girlfriend, He Catches Her Cheating Instead – Video

The world we live in is full of mad people. They display their madness in a number of ways that a person cannot even imagine it. A guy from china had a very novel idea to prove his love for his girlfriend and decided to do something very unusual on her birthday.

So he decided to travel 2400 km to the place where she lived and give her a surprise on her birthday. He even brought up a teddy bear suit for the occasion to make her happy on the occasion.

But as destiny might have its own course he was heavy – hearted when he set his eyes on her as she cuddled in the arms lovingly of an utter stranger.

He was flabbergasted at the sight as he was still wearing the teddy suit as he saw her buying snacks at a kiosk by the road side with the stranger hugging her from behind her.

Oh! What a sight it was to watch by him. He sadly removed the headgear of the costume and blankly stared at the couple who stood cuddled in front of him. Suddenly the girl realizing that someone was looking at her, turned in his direction and was surprised to see her original boyfriend standing and staring at her.