Mom Breaks Down Realizing Her Daughter Was Practicing Lockdown Drill In ‘Cute’ Bathroom Picture

A picture may be worth a thousand phrases, but behind a deceptively easy and “adorable” image there is sometimes another tale. That was the situation with Stacey WehrmanFeeley, who drew an apparently cute image of her teenage girl sitting on top of a toilet in the bathroom of her home.

“However, I shut down the time she informed me what she was doing,” she posted in a fast-gone viral Social Media article.

“She practiced at her kindergarten for a lockdown drill and what to do if you’re caught in a bathroom. All innocence of what I believed my three-year-old owned was disappeared at that time In the aftermath of last week’s dismal mass shootings like the one in Orlando, Feeley’s 3-year-old girl performed a safety drill she had been instructed lately in event there was an active shooter in a house where she was caught.

In less than a week, the post was shared more than 20,000 times.

“They are very good at telling them in the schools that this is a drill because if there’s someone in there who isn’t expected to be in the construction,” she said in an address with ABC News. “They don’t even take up arms at all, but they know the elderly children.” Feeley claims she’s not openly but urges individuals sharing her post to consider supporting musket control initiatives, and praises Sen. Chris Murphy, whose musket control filibuster caught the nation’s attention.