His Daughter Broke Down Onstage, So He Came To Her Rescue. And The Video Is Adorable.

How often this has happened that a small kid while performing on the stage of the school suddenly breaks down and at that very moment the dad or the brother of the kid comes on the stage to give him moral support and starts to enact the same act and encourage him to continue the act on the stage.

It so happened in a preparatory school where in a school function the nursery students were performing on the stage on a nursery rhyme.

Suddenly a small little girl in the corner gave in to the nervousness on the stage and she just could not complete the act. She just made a crying face and stood there.

Then suddenly from among the audience the father of the girl immersed and came upon the stage and started enacting the song by the side of the little girl.

He also caught hold of her hand and started doing the moves with the other girls who were performing on the stage. The girl gave a smile and she also happily started enacting to the song and the act was completed successfully. The point that I want to stress upon is that these types of small moves by the parents or the kin of the performing children are a big source of encouragement to the kids.