God’s Own Children: Meet The Teenager Boy Who Look After Their Old Neighbors, When Their Own Children Was Not There

I am the only son to my great parents. I live in another town adjacent to my parent’s town due to my job commitments. My parents are very aged and due to the old age they are very weak and fable and I am constantly in tension and worry about their welfare all the time.

They are not in favor of hiring a family help due to the unlawful act scene in the country and the growing unlawful act rate against the senior citizens who are living alone.

My mother is very ill and she is bedridden and is on the bed almost the whole day and needs to be looked after 24 hours a day. On the whole it is a very difficult situation for my parents and me in the other town as I do come to visit them on every weekend but that is a very less of a consolation for us.

Now coming to the crux of my story I would like to mention a young teenager who may be about 14 years of age and who just lives next to my parent’s house.

I can’t understand the spiritual relationship of this kid with my parents that he cares a lot for them. It is some sort of a past birth relationship in this birth that this kid is so affectionate towards my parents that I seem to get a back bench in this regard. He drives with my father to the stores and help him in getting the monthly supplies etc from the market.