Boy Torment For Homemade University Of Tennessee T-Shirt Has Logo Become Official Design – Video

Once upon a time in the recent years there was a boy who was studying in the famous University of Tennessee. He was a very mischievous kid and was always upto a prank all the time.

He also used to rob the belongings of other students like books, pencils, pens, note books, wallets, hankies, caps, etc or whatever he could lay his hands on.

There were always a list of complaints against him in the principal’s office and he used to be standing outside the teacher’s room more than he used to attend the class.

He was every time undergoing a punishment or the other in the school.

He was very famous in the school due to his mischievous behavior of sorts, the students of the university had named him as ‘under trial’ because of his punishments.

So the students found out a novel idea to physically feel ashamed him and teach him a lesson.

On a sheet of paper that was torn from a note book of a student they wrote the two letters ‘U.T’ with a pen in a very rough hand writing and pinned the same on the T-Shirt of the bad boy. The letters U.T were the short form of the word ‘under trial’ which was the nick name given to the boy.

But as it happened the pinned up paper with the words written on it came into the sight of the teachers and the management of the university and they had another idea in their mind.

It so happened that the letters on the T-shirt and the haphazard way of writing them in a very rough manner appealed to the staff and they recommended it to be the monogram of the university which was the University of Tennessee. So this way the design was approved and the T-shirts were printed with the monogram carrying the logo of U.T. on them.