When You Have A Strong Mother, You Grow Up To Be A Strong Girl

When you have a strong mother you do not need a man for your safety. There is no need of having a male counterpart as a guardian to look after you when you have the most important female of your life as a strongest companion.

You know how to cultivate your independence when you have a strong mother. How to talk in cultural circumstances with your mind?  How to stand up in confrontations for yourself an also you get to learn how to live alone and how to flourish alone.

Just like she did, you find out how to bring charge of yourself, because you want to create her happy. When you have a strong mother, you’re clever enough to see that it’s not like failure to cry. You know that sometimes even the bravest individuals fall down. That even the hardest teenagers may think their universe is dropping to bits before them. You honor yourself when you’ve got a strong mother. You’re not letting anyone speak to you. You’re not letting anyone go over you. Instead of a human being, you let no one stare at you as a corpse.

You predict a certain degree of regard to be handled. You’ll never overlook that you’re worth something when you have a strong mother. You’re never going to allow yourself to be taken advantage of because you know your mother won’t sit for such behaviour.

Because you were told that you merit something unique, you hold your norms low. You never think lonely when you have a strong mother. No matter what, when you struggle to stand, you have someone who will pick you up from the floor.