In A Heartfelt Post, An Educator Shows Us Exactly How Poorly We Pay Teachers

Teachers are undervalued. We all know this.

I knew it when I decided to go into teaching as a profession 20 years ago. My idealistic young ego didn’t care that it wasn’t a lucrative career — I just wanted to make a difference and help kids learn.But when the reality of a five-figure student loan combined with a beginning teacher’s salary make, I realized that what we expect of lecturers isn’t merely unrealistic — it’s insulting.And it hasn’t gotten better since then.

Teachers in West Virginia and Oklahoma are telling “Enough is enough.”

Right now, the state of Oklahoma is looking at a educator stoppage scheduled for April 2, in protest of the state legislature’s refusal to raise teacher wages. The stoppage comes on the heels of a successful teacher’s strike in West Virginia, in which public schools were shut down for nine days before legislators agreed to a 5% educator raise, among other concessions. Oklahoma’s educators haven’t had a state-wide raise in 10 years.