Buyer Finds A Safe Containing $7.5 Million Inside Unit He Bought From Storage Wars Host Dan Dotson For Just $500 – But Will Only Get To Keep $1.2m

This is how opportunity knocks at your door or your lady luck smiles at you. So the story goes this way that a bargainer bought a storage unit for a sum of $500 and when he bought it home and opened it he was surprised at his destiny as the storage unit contained 47.5 million insides.

This story was revealed by Storage Wars TV show star Dan Dotson and his wife Laura.

This story was unveiled to him by a lady who visited him at an auction event in Indio in California and said to him that she has a story for him.In a video from the twitter the lady explained that her husband works for a guy and that he had brought a unit from him for $500 which had a safe also in it.

The very first person that they called to open the safe had initially failed and he couldn’t or didn’t open the safe.

Then they called another person and the person was able to open the safe. These types of safes are empty usually but ‘presto’ this one was not at all empty. It contained thick wads of currency notes and when counted they amounted to a whopping $7,5 million in cash inside the scraped storage. Actually after this discovery was made then the new owners of the safe were contacted by an attorney who was representing the old owners of the safe.