Choose Men Clothing According To The Body Type

Fashion plays an important role in the life of men. Today, ever man wants to follow the latest fashion trends. When it comes to dressing for men, it is important for men to consider their body shapes and propositions.

This article will tell you which clothing style will fit you the best. Men with trapezoid body have broad shoulders and chest with comparatively narrow waist and hips. Since these men have perfectly balanced upper and lower body, therefore, any style, detail and fabric match these lomd of men. So, if you have such kind of body shape, you can start experimenting with what’s new in fashion with little worry.

Men with inverted triangle are just like trapezoid. They also have broad shoulders and chest, but their hips and waists are narrower. This type of body is generally of athletics because it is formed through regular weight lifting/body building. Men with this body shape should dress in such a way that their should be balance between their upper and lower body. These men can go with straight or more relaxed slim cuts for lower part as they will help balance their proportions and broad shoulders. These men should opt for v neck knits/ tees because they narrow the chest and draw the eye down.

Men with rectangle shape have shoulders similar to the width of their waist nad hips. Men with this shape should look for clothes that would help to widen the shoulders. These men could try scarves and circular necklines to widen the upper body. Jackets and blazers are great choice for men with this shape.

Triangle shape men have narrow upper area than waist and hips. These men should look for well fitted clothes. They can have single-breasted and button down styles to streamline the torso.

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