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The Way A Child Become A Narcissists

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Elderly Man Caught for Hiding Razor Blades in Peanut Butter to Bait Wildlife - Video

A Falmouth man was arrested for allegedly placing razor blades coated in peanut butter on trees at a local park, police said.

According to environmental authorities, the razors were strategically placed to on the trees to attract wildlife.

Officers received a tip and launched an investigation in the area of Goodwill Park in Falmouth.

During their investigation, officers found evidence someone had been placing razor blades with peanut butter on the trees in the park.

One officer, while surveilling the park, caught a man placing the bait and then watching as animals were lured to the peanut-butter covered bait.

Authorities have evidence of squirrels coming in contact with the razor while feeding.

As kids playing in the park got close to the razor blades, officers removed them from the trees. A subsequent search of the park has not turned up any more baiting stations.

Brian McGrath, 43, of Happy Hollow Road in East Falmouth was arrested on Saturday and is being charged with animal cruelt…

Woman Marries Love of Her Life Just One Day Before He Leaved The World At An Early Age of 22 – Video

Today I am narrating to you one of the saddest stories that I have come across in my life for the first time. This story is about a rugby player who was diagnosed with brain issues just a few months ago and his condition was quick deteriorating.

It so happened that Navar, who is the player that I mentioned above was being married to his lady love who knew that he could collapse any time that moment and leave for the heavens on that fateful day of their marriage.

He belongs to a town called Otorohonga, New Zealand. And he is 22 years of age. The video of his marriage was made public in order to raise funds so that his body could be flown to his native place after his departure from life.

His lady love and afterwards his wife wrote that that day her heart was filled with heaviness and sad, she had lost her best friend and her husband and the father of her son.

She felt absolutely showered with love and blessings from her friends and her family, and that it was a hard time for her, howev…

Teen Waits On Sobbing Woman At Ice Cream Shop, Then She Asks To Speak To His Boss – Video

When 16-year-old Brenden McGee, an employee of the local Whitey’s Ice Cream, went to take his next order, he was greeted with something terrific. On the speaker was a woman crying so deeply that she could barely speak in full sentences.

She tried to get her order across, but her sobbing prevented Brenden from hearing anything intelligible. It was mournful. Finally after a few tries, he was able to write down what she wanted and request that she pull up to the next window.

After moments of consideration, Brenden decided to do something unexpected.

He was determined to make a difference and do what he could to cheer up the mystery woman. When she reached his window, he looked at her, smiled, and said, “your shake is on me tonight, you have a good night!” The gesture shook her more than he could have realized. When 16-year-old Brenden McGee, an employee of the local Whitey’s Ice Cream, went to take his next order, he was greeted with something terrific. On the speaker was a woman crying …

I Understand You’re Not In The Stadium To See The Marching Band Or Cheerleaders, But Please Clap For Our Kids, Too

“Dear high school football fans, This is a friendly seasonal PSA. Another season of Friday night lights is upon us. We’re all looking forward to seeing our kids play and perform.

We know you’re so excited to see the football team take the field. As marching band, color guard, cheer, and dance fans, we’re excited to see our teams take the field, too. We’re all here for the same reason: to cheer on our kids and and support our schools and communities.

We understand you might not be in the stadium primarily to see the marching band or color guard or cheerleaders or dance team. But when they’re on the field performing, we ask that you kindly show respect for the fan sitting next to you and let them listen and watch. They’re probably trying to hear and see their son or granddaughter or niece or friend. Talking or blocking their view while that happens is like standing directly and intentionally in the line of vision of a football parent while their child is making a game-winning play.

On t…

Strangers Rush To Help When Man Collapses On The Street, But One Woman Walks Off With His Dog – Video

Who would pilfer a Chihuahua from a expiring man? That’s allegedly what one woman did. Robert Corbey, 59, was walking his dog, Sampson, when Robert collapsed suddenly. What happened next was caught on video by a nearby surveillance camera.

In the video, a few people rush to Robert’s aid as he has a seizure by the side of a dumpster. One woman, later identified as Melody Mellon, can then be seen walking off with Sampson.

Sampson, who the family says is a certified therapy dog, takes one last look at Robert before the stranger leads him away on his leash.

Robert was taken to a nursing home, where he later demise. Robert’s niece, Kelly, couldn’t believe what happened that day by the dumpster. “They showed me surveillance of her holding his leash and I did not recognize her,” Kelly said.

Melody was found just a few days later, sleeping in a truck she allegedly pilfer with the dog she also allegedly pilfer. Sampson was given a clean bill of health from the vet after the rescue and reunited…

Restaurant Owner Gives Homeless Man Job 24 Hours Later She Walks In And Is Stopped In Her Tracks – Video

Though this issue needs to be fixed up and many people want to fix it, homelessness remains a big problem in the US, more so when you consider that, according to the UD department of veteran’s affairs, 23 % of the homeless population are veterans who have risked their lives serving in the armed forces.

George is just one of the thousands of veterans who came home from the battle only to struggle to get thereafter.

George stood at the corner of the street holding a cardboard card in his hands and hoped for someone sympathetic to take notice of him and his cause.

He was not asking for hand outs or he was not begging for money. All that he was asking for was a means to sustain himself. A job that could put him back on his track of life. He had a bundle of his resumes which he was happy to hand over to who ever was in need of a hard-working employee. One fine day a lady was driving past George and stopped by just to read the board and start a conversation with the man.

She was so much imp…